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wine dinners
with Servis Events

“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.”
― Rumi

Yoga and wine are two intrinsic parts of my life, and I have found that yoga teachings have made me a better wine taster. The goal of yoga practice is to link the breath to movement in order to bring the mind into the present moment. With wine tasting, being present with your senses in paramount. In order to put a name to a smell, you have to rack your brain, perhaps linking an odor to a memory. To appreciate the weight that residual sugar leaves on your tongue, you have to call on your sense of touch. In short, to reap the full benefits of a wine tasting class, your mind has to be present.

Enter: wine and yoga!

This yoga class is meant to relax you, release any tension from the day, and clear your head before the wine tasting class.

What's included:

  • a 50 minute vinyasa yoga class for all levels at your home (within 30 miles of Doylestown, PA and within PA only)

  • the class will include a breathing exercise, warm up, several flow sequences, and a cool down before relaxing into savasana 

  • soft, gentle music

  • candle lights 

What's not included: 

  • Yoga mats. Each person must provide their own mat. 

$15 per person + tax, minimum 4 people

*must fill out a liability release waiver*

book wine & yoga class
Yoga classes can be added on to in-person wine classes only. On the wine class booking page, you will be asked whether you want to add on a yoga class. Select "yes" and indicate how many people will be joining.

How It Works
pay online & sign waiver
 I will then send you an email containing an invoice that you can pay online and a liability release waiver. Your booking will be complete once the payment is processed & waivers are signed and returned by all participants.
relax & enjoy the class!
On the day of your wine & yoga class, I'll show up at your house 1 hr before the scheduled wine class time (to allow 10 mins of setup + 50 mins of yoga). Simply come with your yoga mat - no props needed. I'll guide you through the rest!

About my yoga practice

I have been practicing yoga routinely for more than a decade. My mom was a yoga teacher in Vermont for over 20 years and introduced it to me when I was a 3-season athlete in high school. I soon found the benefits of yoga to extend much beyond the physical into the mental, providing space for me to just chill out and breathe away stress. While getting my master's degree in wine science in France, I maintained my yoga practice and found a deeper love for it in another language! Back in PA, I hope to share my passions for wine and yoga via this class offering.

Please note that I do not conflate wine and wellness. The association of wine and yoga via this class offering is not meant to suggest that wine is part of my wellness routine, nor that it should be a part of yours.

Please drink responsibly.

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