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Glasses of wine
wine dinners
with Servis Events

I am partnering with Servis Events, a twin-brother duo based in Doylestown, PA that offers in-home, intimate, private dining experiences. They produce a seasonal menu each month based on the ingredients they source and pick up from local farmers and suppliers. I create the wine menu and provide the wine service during your private dinner!


What's included:

  • A custom wine menu to accompany your dinner

  • The wine service

  • All glassware

What's not included:

  • the wine. Due to PA liquor laws, you must purchase the wine and I am certified to serve it. I will send you instructions on how to order the wines, as well as recommended quantities to order based on your group size.

Price: $75 per person (wine not included)

book with Servis Events
Book your class with Servis Events through their reservation website. Indicate that you would like the wine service option. Then, pay one flat fee to Servis Events.
How It Works
order your wines
Once you book with Servis Events, I'll send you an email with instructions on how to order the wines. Based on your preference, you can have the wines shipped to your house directly or I can pick them up for you at a specific Fine Wine & Good Spirits store.
relax & enjoy the meal!
That's it! We've got it from here. We provide all glassware, ice buckets, etc.
Bon appétit!
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