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Hi, I'm Charlotte.

MS, Wine & Vineyard Sciences

As a kid, I hated fruit. I refused to eat it. I didn't like texture or the taste or the way my parents would try to hide it in pancakes.


The irony isn't lost on me that I would go on to become a wine professional. 

The story is classic a Millennial tale. I was a young, eager 23 year old who had landed the perfect job in DC at a well-respected organization in my field of study, environmental sciences. I was elated. But soon, the long days spent at a computer screen made me question what it means to live "the good life," and I fell into a quarter life crisis one year ahead of target. 

Thankfully, there was La Jambe, an adorable, little French wine bar. Owned by a French woman and a dear mentor to me, La Jambe was a little corner of Paris in DC. The coup de coeur was immediate, and soon, I would quit my desk job to manage La Jambe's second location full time. 

It was at La Jambe, not the two years that I had already spent living in France in my early 20s, where I developed my love for wine science. I devoured books on the subject and slowly started to realize that a new path was being laid out before me. I embarked upon my third séjour en France, where I would complete a master's degree program in Wine & Vineyard Sciences at the Institut des sciences de la vigne et du vin (ISVV) through the University of Bordeaux, one of the top wine schools in the world. 

For my thesis research, I spent six months at Galen Glen Winery, a family owned and operated vineyard in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. At Galen Glen, I taught several wine classes and slowly, a seed was planted in my head for this business! And while I have always been an advocate of supporting local, my quest to promote east coast wines was set in stone during the hundreds of quiet, introspective hours that I spent among the Galen Glen vines. 


I was raised in a 200 year-old farmhouse on Common Road in Northern Vermont, but I now call Bucks County, Pennsylvania my home. I am delighted to be able to share with you what brings me so much joy: the study of wine. 


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